Cabernet Sauvignon

Aware and respectful of this grand tradition, the current owners of the vineyards keep supplying connoisseurs with the true Cabernet Sauvignon Chateau Valvis of Sâmburești – a well-structured, robust and majestic wine. Wild blueberries, dried plums, figs, chocolate and tobacco combine in a blend that surprises the palate with its elegance and subtlety. It is how this wine reveals its noble origins, coming to you from the blessed terroir on the hilly banks of the Olt river. This is an unoaked wine fit for the most exacting tastes of and avant-garde clientele. Designed to be the company of elegant meals of red meats, complex sauces and it is best served at room temperature.


Explore in an intense way the taste path of the youth of this Merlot Chateau Valvis: surrounded by the chocolaty flavour we find cinnamon, traditional cakes and essence of fruity trees. The sweet charm of Samburesti, delicatly styled. It becomes more suculent and tastier in low temperatures, wich makes it easy to pair to any kind of dish, even in summertime. It is an unoaked wine designed to meet the tastes of the most avant-garde clientele.


A balanced wine offering you a harmonious and elegant blend of tart notes alongside an unctous scent of vanilla. Chardonnay Chateau Valvis stands out thanks to a diaphanous floral bouquet, perfectly complemented by its lively and luminous green hues. It has a joyful yellowish color and it is unoaked to become as perfect as it can be. When served at 9-12 degrees Celsius, it becomes the perfect companion for white meat, fish, creamy cheses and light sauce.