It’s harvest time!

After a productive year, blessed with a new gold medal for our world famos Cabernet Sauvignon, here came the day for which we all worked for: harvest day. Helped by a wonderful weather, the staff's children an by mr Jean Valvis himself, we were all very happy to see the next wine come to life, right under our eyes. Anther great wine year is in sight!

We raise our glass in honor of our first TV appearance

We've just launced the new TV commercial for Domeniile Samburesti, dedicated to the fore-father of the great wines of Samburesti, professor August Joseph Ville. We very much wanted to capture the delicate flavor of a time famous for "joie de vivre" and "savoir-faire", just as our wines do it. So from now on everyone will know who is the artisan behind the only true Cabernet-Sauvignon in Romania. A vôtre honneur, monsieur Ville!

Notable Visits to Samburesti

On Saturday, September 26, Samburesti got ready for guests. His Excellence, the Ambassador of Greece, together with his family, arrived on our lands, probably knowing that here they could find the best Cabernet Sauvignon of Romania. But that’s not all. On the initiative of their parents, the children of Valvis Holding employees also came to give us a hand with grape harvesting. It goes without saying that everybody had a great time.

The harvest day has come!

2009 has been a great year for Samburesti. A good year, full of accomplishments and crowned by excellent weather. After the replanting and rearrangement season, procedures to which our team completely devoted their energies (over 100 hectares of grapevine replanted), we pass to harvesting. As weather has been so good to us, we strongly believe that 2009 will be, in time, a collection year.