This wine is found at the intersection of traditional and modern.

This wine is found at the intersection of traditional and modern.

It is best enjoyed with fish or seafood dishes, white meat, cheeses, or vegetarian dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc

With a sunny and bright color, this wine ends up impressing especially with its fresh citrus aroma, with hints of grapefruit, lime and exotic fruits. The characteristic minerality of this variety provides a fine and long aftertaste.

To fully enjoy the refreshing and well-defined taste, it is recommended to be served at a temperature of 10-12 °C.

It pairs ideally with fresh fish, seafood, herb-based sauces, as well as young cheeses.


The balanced blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot is the basis of this rosé with a classic intense ruby-red color. The aromas are fine and slightly fruity, but at the same time complex, with notes of black currants and berries.

The wine shows a robustness conferred by tannins, but also freshness and moderate acidity.

It pairs perfectly with seafood and fatty fish, such as salmon, but also with Asian or spicy food.

Fetească Neagră

Autochthonous Romanian variety, gets a special reinterpretation in this range. The chromatic intensity of this wine perfectly reflects its unique taste and floral bouquet. A rich aroma of dried plums, black currants, exotic spices, cloves, pepper, animated by tannins that over time, with aging, will accentuate notes of ripe fruit.

It is best enjoyed with red meat and cooked dishes, but also with game, duck or dark chocolate.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot - Cupaj

The perfectly balanced aroma of the blend brings tones of black cherries and raspberries, chocolate, cinnamon, country cakes and fruit tree resins. It represents the result of the bold and modern fusion of the two varieties in this blend.

It pairs wonderfully with grilled red meats such as roast beef or lamb, as well as classic French dishes, boeuf bourguignon or blanquette de veau.