Cabernet Sauvignon

In Romania, Cabernet Sauvignon has always been synonym with Samburesti. Rich and intense, with a perfect balance and rounded taste. This is a masculine wine displaying a tightly controlled bite, as befits a red destined to support venison or other saucy, red-meat entrees. Hints of black cherry and raspberries greet the palate ahead of unrestrained tannins. Hints of black cherry and raspberries greet the palate ahead of unrestrained tannins, it complements read meat main dishes.


Explore in an intense way the taste path of the youth of this Domeniile Sâmburești Merlot: surrounded by the chocolaty flavour we find cinnamon, traditional cakes and essence of fruity trees. The sweet charm of Samburesti, delicatly styled. It becomes more suculent and tastier in low temperatures, wich makes it easy to pair to any kind of dish, even in summertime.

Feteasca Neagră

Feteasca Neagră is a Romanian wine variety enriched by the sap of Sâmburești’s original terroir that truly puts its own stamp on this variety. This wine distinguishes oneself through its burliness, complex aromas and an unmatchable colour intensity. The tannins that animate the taste without being aggressive, of dried plums and blackcurrant is rounded by its intense color with violet reflexions announcing a wine with a strong personality, with a special potential of aging that will be completed by ripen fruits. Ideal wine for traditional Romanian pork dishes.

Rouge de Roumanie

Samburesti Winery brings together two exceptional wines to offer you even a better one, inviting you to taste a robust “coupage” made of great varieties - Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot. One brings robustness and amplitude, the other elegant and subtle perfumes. Rouge de Roumanie is direct at first, leaving the passing of time to be marked by perfect scent and taste, a wine that is able to show its outstanding roots and to offer the richness of its nobility. Romanian traditional dishes are the perfect challenge for the wine that will transform any meal into a royal feast.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a surprisingly versatile wine, naturally elegant by its cherry and blackcurrant taste. An excellently balanced wine, with shades of fruit and sweet wood that ends gloriously with a cilantro seed. Bringing together the particularity of this perfect area for red wine production and the character of this wine variety, the result is an original and special wine, easy to recognise amongst the connoisseurs. Agreeable, fluid without being thin, it has its own typicality, suave and perfectly incorporated in its complexity, the proof being its diaphanous and inviting colour. Its fexibility makes it fit with any sort of dish, but it is ideal for duck and mushroom dishes.


Boasting a bright and lively golden hue, the Sâmburesti Chardonnay will conquer your taste buds and your heart thanks to a gentle hint of vanilla followed by fruity floral accents and finished off in grand style with a touch of almond. The joyful colour and taste are challenged only the pleasure of serving it chilled at light dishes, with chicken, fish, sea food.


Samburesti's Roze already has "the pleasure" in it's hue. The lively taste - a blend of may cherries and berries will conquer anyone in a moment. A beautiful wine, born from Cabernet Sauvignon, it is ideal for romantic encounters, it is boldly up for an elegant dinner and ready to quench the thirst at joyfuyl parties. Perfectly pairing spicy traditional dishes, sea food, parmigiano and other light meaks. It is best served chilled.

Sauvignon Blanc

The sand and clay of the plateaux of Sâmburesti and Vitomiresti combine to engender this friendly wine that will greet you with a bouquet reminiscent of bountiful orchards in bloom. Hints of white cherries, well-ripened quince and Mediterranean citrus follow. This is a traditional Romanian wine that will be an ideal match to light appetisers and white-meat entrees, as well as nutty deserts or pumpkin pie. It shows its best manners at low temperatures.